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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm sorry

Dear Isman,

Thank you for your response. I'm writing to apologise for writing the sajak in the blog. I'm so sorry I did that. I was so hurt and sad by what happened at A&W PJ when Alya was rudely pulled out of her mother's arms by her father just because of a "selendang" and then his brother threw the 4-letter word at us. So I wrote what I wrote under emotional stress.

I should have followed my mother's principle in life; "Biar orang buat kita, kita jangan buat orang. Leave everything to Allah."

I know if my mother knows what I wrote she'll be unhappy too. But I believe if this happens to you, you'll feel the same way as well.

Please accept my apology. Thank you.


1 comment:

Safiah Hashim said...

Dear Isman,

Im sorry too that this war is happening between the two families, when we should be Muslim brothers n sisters.

I just pray to Allah SWT The ALmighty for baby Alya to be with her mummy. We all grew up with a mummy regardless of how imperfect one mummy can be. After all our Mummy is just like any other human being, they are just doing the best they can - for their loved ones.

You grew up with a mummy? So do i, cant imagine otherwise.

I have been looking at Baby Alya's photos when she was just born and
I miss her.

Im sure her mummy misses her more... actually i know that she does.

I apologize on my side of any wrong saying or doings.

There are wars all around the world against us Muslims, why create one between us. I pray for peace and honesty.